Set Green Tip

Scab model settings

Monday Apr 06, 2020

How can I set the green tip date for the scab model on my station?

Green Tip on Gala Apple

Scab season begins… time to set your green tip date!

Monday Apr 06, 2020

Scab infections can be initiated from Green Tip through to harvest. As soon as buds reach green tip growers must begin to monitor the weather for infection conditions. BC-DAS system users should go into the Apple Scab model now to set the date of green tip for when it occurs in your orchard.

Fruit russet caused by psylla honeydew

Pear Psylla

Wednesday Mar 25, 2020

Controlling and maintaining low pear psylla populations over the dormant season is critical to controlling this damaging pest of pears. Correctly identifying pear psylla is key in control and preventing damage in your orchard. Applying pesticides at the correct time in the life cycle of the pest you are trying to control is also very important.